When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, many women consider adoption. There may be many reasons you are thinking about adoption, but it all comes down to your current situation. Is adoption right for you? We are available to answer that question and any other questions you have about adoption during a Pregnancy Options Coaching appointment. You can learn more or schedule an appointment for a coaching session today.

Could adoption be right for me and my baby?

There is plenty of time to consider whether adoption is the right choice for you. If you are considering adoption, it’s important to think about why adoption would be the most beneficial choice. Here are some common reasons why someone may consider adoption.

Reasons to Choose Adoption:

  • You aren’t ready to be a parent, but don’t want to have an abortion
  • You don’t have a stable living situation
  • You want your baby to grow up in a supportive and loving environment
  • You are not financially ready to have a child
  • You are not emotionally ready to have a child
  • You are addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • You are currently in an abusive relationship
  • You don’t have a support system to help you

While all of these reasons are difficult ones, they are very real for women who choose adoption for their pregnancy decisions. We understand that everyone’s journey is different. However, if you are in a situation where you feel as if you are unable to care for a child, just know that there is hope. Adoption is a hard decision, but it can be a responsible one.

Why? Because you will be providing a loving family with a child that they have wanted for a very long time. Additionally, it allows you to continue on your current journey without becoming a parent when you weren’t ready.

Finally, adoption allows you to choose how much interaction you have with your child and his/her adoptive family. With adoption, you are in control of the outcome.

Types of Adoption

The adoption process has changed over the years, giving birth mothers more options and control over their situation. For example, there are three main types of adoption now that range in level of contact and privacy. Open adoptions allow a birth mother to have regular contact with her child and the child’s adoptive parents after the process is complete.

On the other hand, a closed adoption keeps your information and the adoptive parents’ information private, allowing no contact between you and them, and the child. A semi-open adoption is somewhere in between the two. Finding the right option for you may take some time, but it will be worth it in the end.

Our center provides free information about the adoption process and referrals to adoption agencies that best meet your needs. In most cases, financial assistance for medical and living expenses is available for the birth mother, along with many other benefits.

The staff at Real Options can help you consider the facts about adoption as you decide whether it’s a fit for your situation. Start a conversation about adoption by scheduling a free, confidential appointment with one of our pregnancy decision coaches.


We are not connected with any adoption agency and never profit from your decision.

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